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Enzyme King

Angel Starter of Liquor Making

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Yellow Label Angel Yeast

ETA OF FRESH STOCK - Fist week of May

Angel Starter of Liquor making is a combination of yeast and enzymes that simply converts starches from grains at low temperature over a longer time than traditional mashing and fermenting procedures used for distilling such products as bourbon and scotch.

Angel Yeast allows you to use any ratio of un-malted grains - even 100%, this allows you free reign on what malts you are using without worrying about diastic power of the malts used. As your fermenting on the grain, some different flavour levels may come through, so you may have to adjust your recipes a little.

It can be as simple as

1. Pour hot water over grain

2. Let cool to 36c

3. Pitch the angel yeast

4. Stir twice a day for the first 3-5 days

5. Wait for activity to mostly stop, up to 14 days

There are numerous people using and experimenting with this awesome product all over the world and the summary of the latest information will be updated as we see repeatable results over time, so check back frequently!

Some further Information from the Manufacturers

Enzyme King (Australia) is the official distributor of the Yellow label yeast for Australia